Thursday, October 3, 2013

To my hopeful

Do you hear the music ringing, the sweet melody so clear? I have had a constant calling it has never left my ear, Since the moment that I met you, I knew I should not fear, For the happiness inside me grows whenever you are near. My dear friend you’re a blessing, a tender mercy from the Lord. I hear the angels singing as they beam in one accord. They tell me that you’re special, that I cannot afford To lose this light I’ve found, this beautiful reward. When I ask what I have done to be given such a grace? The answer I receive is this isn’t set in place. I will have to pray my love will fight to win the race. Maybe someday to find myself in your warm embrace. This journey feels so long, though it’s very short indeed! But when I am around you, our time it seems to flee. I dream to soon become the woman that I hope to be Always by the light you bring for all eternity. -Emily Gearheart

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