Thursday, October 3, 2013

Rise above

She will bring you to the sky so you feel like you can fly And she waits till your confused and your confidence is high But just wait my friend she knows and finds the secrets that you hide She will singe the light with darkness and the wonder in your eye. You don’t worry you don’t fret She hasn’t hurt you yet But she loves to listen to you vent about all your neglect You say she walks beside you. Support to everything you say And you think we’re so ridiculous. You know that you’re ok. But we see the greater image that she may take away You can’t see the darkness sinking in. Oblivion holds way. You say this is who I am. It is who I’m supposed to be. She is proud of your commitment. She gives you urge and you feel need. My dear friend I wish you knew you are being so deceived. She plays games and you’re the piece that she holds above the board, And none the less to trick you with your own battle sword. You are choosing this elution of the strong man that you see Through smoke and mirrors you forget that you can be set free. Mary Jane will never love you and that is reality. I will always be here for when she’s had enough She will drop you from that high and I know it will be rough. I know you think I will forget about my friend who left me. But I have an obligation you’ve become priority. There’s this thing called love that fills my life with gladness It comes from up above. Where there truly is no sadness. It is so very real, I remind myself each day Why I can always feel the love so many push away. I will be a witness of the things that I hold dear. I will be there always, to wipe away your tears. With my sword of righteousness I’ll away fight your fears. So my friend remember me, remember through the years. I will always love you. Forever and forever I hope that in eternity we get to be together Eternally there is a plan for every single soul There is choice, there's right, and wrong. Let us reach the highest goal. -Emily Gearheart

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