Thursday, October 3, 2013

I will be a witness

There’s a land off the shore in my dreams evermore where the night stars hit the water, The light glistens through trees brakes the darkness with ease so I’ll never forget I’m his daughter. When the sun rises high in the sapphire sky the warmth touches my soul like a fire This is the land where all know of his plan, where golden ones come to aspire. Where the sky meets the earth how we got here at birth where the mountains they grow even higher. There are castles each way that you see night and day, the world covered in beautiful spires. When I wake from my dreams I’m determined to be that ever so positive dear. I will study, and pray. I will sing of his praise, for I know there is nothing to fear. As I learn, as I grow, and continue to know of the dream that’s becoming so clear I will tell one and all of the one who will come, and this day is rightfully near. There are shadows to fight, and blackness to chase, there are wounds to mend and build stronger. Through the battle we find those who search for the light the ones who won’t wait any longer. That is the time; it is there that we see a change in the life of that soul We see light in their eyes as they glow in surprise it is through truth we are whole. So that is why I’m preparing each day, why I live the way that I do. Now the dream that I have of this faraway land is not crazy, but actually true -Emily Gearheart

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