Friday, October 11, 2013

Through Jesus is the only way.

There was a man quite old and gray Who never had a word to say And hadn't had the care to pray, To listen, love, and to obey. One day there was a painful loss his friend, his mate to be the cost of his hardened heart and lot. With pride and ignorance he fought. Now on a night so dark and cold He felt his bones grow very old There was no point to live he told The no one in the curtain fold. The sun had risen warm and bright How brilliant how clear the light shown through the curtain in his sight The one he talked to in the night. "Good morning dear," a whisper said. The old man sat and scratched his head. No one around, just him in bed. Confused, he wished that he was dead. There was a knock upon his door He cringed to feel the cold wood floor. the journey to the door he wore his sleep wear from the night before. "Good morning sir" he heard a squeak It was a child so small and meek she popped on by to take a peek of the old man so frail, and bleak. May I come in and have a chat? She walked on in and there she sat. She gave his old grey hand a pat before he answered that was that. The beauty from the child shone An Angel to him she had flown. He need not ever feel alone. A warmth grew strongly on its own. They visited for a long while had he forgotten how to smile? This child's lesson took him miles from that old man who was beguiled. It was the time for the last look into her eyes. His soul, it shook as she handed him a book A book of God. The book he took. Why did he meet this little friend? So near he knew was his end. He read and prayed the lord would send some mercy. Some love to lend. This old man had much to learn And in his heart he knew and yearned The Lords love need not be earned. His light of Christ has now returned. But what to do? so little time! Nothing to give, no not a dime He worried that he lived a crime. Was it to late for truth sublime? A whisper soft again did say, "there's nothing dear you have to pay. Through Jesus is the only way. That is the way back home to stay." The old man wondered what this meant The time is gone, his life is spent no time to repay what was lent. "oh my dear friend you must repent." He healed the sick from leprosy He sailed the sea's of Galilee How can I be as great as he? How can I show my love for thee? "There is no need to measure up. He paid the price, he filled your cup." The old mans fears began to letup. He prayed all night until sunup. It is through him, he is the way. And in my heart I'll always say He is my Savior Jesus stay forever by my side each day. -Emily Diane

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